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How to Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams

The home improvement market is loaded with fraudulent businesses. Homes often require maintenance and upkeep that that the typical house owner would rather not, or cannot, tackle themselves. Sadly, scammers are aware of this and will capitalize on unsuspecting homeowners who don't do their research prior to getting work done.

In an effort to help homeowners in battling scams in the air duct cleaning sector, NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, released the Breathe Clean initiative. Breathe Clean is devoted to informing property owners of the relevance of duct cleaning, appropriate cleaning approaches, and how they can prevent falling victim to deceptive duct cleaning companies.

Thanks to Breathe Clean, here are a few of the most typical duct cleaning scams and ways homeowners can stay clear of them:

Common Duct Cleaning Scams

There are many scammers that offer inexpensive "blow-and-go" services. Generally, these businesses set up several visits in one day, leaving just enough time to clean what you can visually see, leaving dirt, dirt, and microorganisms airborne, as well as deep in the ducts. These companies do a bad jobs of actually cleaning the heating and cooling system and also may encourage a house owner to pay for unnecessary work with or without their authorization.


The "bait-and-switch" technique is another typical duct cleaning rip-off. This happens when you're provided an impressive bargain by discount coupon or over the phone. As soon as the firm gets there to the set up consultation, they'll do minimal work, tell you that you require much more to be done, and charge for unnecessary work.

Some scammers also make use of scare techniques to get homeowners to pay even more for subpar solutions. Regrettably, when you agree to the upsells, you are still not going to get high quality job.

Mold Assessment Scams

Lots of scammers take advantage of unsuspecting property owners by preying on their concerns. They'll typically offer a fantastic coupon to get their foot in the door. After that, throughout the air duct cleaning and "inspection" procedure, the contractor will make incorrect claims about finding mold and mildew in the home, billing thousands of dollars for a service that isn't needed.

If a contractor informs you they found mold, put a hold on the job before moving forward. Then, either call a mold specialist for their opinion and evaluation.

duct cleaning Napervile IL

Safeguard Yourself Against Air Duct Cleaning Rip-offs

The most significant mistake a house owner can make is assuming that every business provides good and honest work and that the only difference between companies is the rate. On paper, respectable firms may appear costly in contrast to fraudsters looking to undercut price, yet in the long run, it always costs more when you go with an non-reputable company.

With a lot of scams out there targeting homeowners, the most typical question property owners ask us when considering air duct cleaning in Naperville is, "How do I stay clear of duct cleaning frauds?"

1. Keep an eye out for red flags

Say no to deals requesting for all cash up front, too-good-to-be-true prices, high-pressure sales methods, and agreements without a signed contract. Be wary of companies whose quotes are far lower than other companies, as it may be an indication they don't intend to complete the work and are searching for the upsell.

2. Do your research

A scammer does not want you to do your homework. Arm yourself with information by confirming credentials as well as asking for evidence of insurance policies as well as business licenses.

3. Employ a qualified expert

Accreditation is frequently needed for contractors to bid on work for commercial or residential structures. Why should duct cleaning be any different? Duct cleaning and HVAC specialists that are licensed by NADCA, like All Pro Air Duct Cleaning, follow a greater standard in duct cleaning. With sophisticated training as well as accreditations in HVAC system cleaning, you can rest assured you're protected when hiring a NADCA participant.

Breathe Clean was established by the National Air Duct Cleaners Organization (NADCA), as a consumer-facing initiative devoted to inform house owners on the advantages of duct cleaning as well as the importance of working with a NADCA participating company to do the work. The initiative was created on behalf of NADCA's Anti-Fraud Task Force, which functions to battle fraudsters as well as deceitful businesses within the duct cleansing sector.

To inquire about duct cleaning in Naperville by All Pro, a NADCA-certified company, contact us today!


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