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dryer Vent cleaning

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Most individuals recognize that air duct cleaning is a vital part of their home’s routine maintenance plan, however many people forget that dryer vent cleaning in Naperville is equally as vital. There are numerous reasons your dryer vents need to be inspected and cleaned each year, including fire risk reduction, improved dryer efficiency, improving air quality, and reducing power usage.


Quicker Drying Times: Dryer vents end up being blocked over time from lint and dirt from garments being dried out. As the vent fills, the dryer cannot run effectively, which not only prolongs drying times, but is a fire hazard. If it's taking longer than normal to dry your clothes, that's typically a sign that the you need dryer vent cleaning in Aurora, done by an expert who can effectively inspect the vent and do the job without damaging it.


Extend the Life of Clothes: When dryer vents become clogged, the dryer runs hotter. When apparel is exposed to the higher temps and longer drying times, the fibers disintegrate, becoming weaker and causing the garment to need to be replaced much quicker.


Protect Your Dryer: As lint builds up in your dryer hose, your dryer must work harder to force hot air through, which consequently shortens its life. As parts wear out, they require replacing, which can be costly. If the damage done gets bad enough, the entire dryer will need replacing, which is costly. A clean vent from dryer vent cleaning in Schaumburg keeps your dryer operating as effectively as possible.


Reduce Energy Expenses: A clogged dryer host results in longer drying times, causing the appliance to run longer than necessary to complete a drying cycle. The longer the cycle, the more the power that's utilized. Take into consideration the fact that most people run their dryer numerous times each week, and thousands of times annually, which equates to hundreds of dollar in additional costs from longer drying times each year. Don't allow a blocked dryer air vent cost you money! Keep it clean and running as efficiently as possible with regular dryer vent cleaning in Arlington Heights.


Prevent Mold Growth: Dryers are designed to get rid of all moisture from clothing before completing a drying cycle. When lint accumulation creates incomplete drying cycles, dampness is left in clothing, typically causing condensation to develop in the vent. When mixed with dust, a paste forms, producing the ideal atmosphere for mold and other irritants to develop and leak out in to the air. A clear dryer hose from dryer vent cleaning in Evanston keeps your indoor air quality purer.


Avoid Fires: In addition to being an undesirable side affect of drying clothes, lint is also the perfect source for igniting fires in your home. Clogged up dryer vents are the number one cause of household fires. Don’t risk it! Clear out the link and keep your residence safe with dryer vent cleaning in Elgin.


Avoid Carbon Monoxide Contamination: Dryer vents have the crucial task of drawing out not just dampness from apparel, but damaging fumes produced as part of the drying process. Unfortunately, dust buildup keeps these fumes from being removed, leaving them to be pushed out in to the house. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous problem that can be deadly. Safeguard your household and keep your air vent clear always.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Much like residential dryer vent cleaning, commercial dryer vent cleaning is a critical maintenance item to keep industrial dryers operating properly and air quality as clean as possible.  We recommend having your commercial dryer vents inspected every 1-2 years to determine if cleaning is required. Regular commercial dryer vent cleaning has many benefits, including:

  • Prolonging the life of garments and textiles

  • Extending the life of the dryer

  • Reducing drying times

  • Reducing energy expenditures

  • Preventing mold growth

  • Preventing fires

  • Preventing carbon monoxide contamination

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dryer vent cleaning chicago, dryer vent cleaning aurora il
dryer vent cleaning elgin, dryer vent cleaning schaumburg

Dryer Vent cleaning in chicago

Cleaning a dryer vent is finest left to the professionals at All Pro Air Duct Cleaning who have the devices and experience to do the job appropriately. To do the work, we do an inspection first, then cut the power and, if applicable, the gas, and move the appliance forward. Once we have complete access to the dryer hose, we'll vacuum it out from then within the house and also outside.  Finally, we’ll run a cycle without heat to completely eliminate all dust.


Give us a call to arrange the best dryer vent cleaning in Chicago today!

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