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air duct cleaning chicago

air duct cleaning chicago 

Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, HVAC Repair in Chicago


All Pro Air Duct Cleaning gives provides unsurpassed commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Chicago IL in addition to dryer vent cleaning in Chicago IL.

After years of providing premium air duct cleaning in the Chicago area we are confident in saying that our work is the very best in the region. We have unequaled attention to detail, and our dedication to doing the highest-quality work is why we have numerous return clients. We know that we are only as successful as our customer are happy. Our customers return time after time because we are honest with our rates in addition to being incredibly detail-oriented in our work. We ensure that our quotes are accurate by starting with a detailed evaluation of your air ducts before starting any type of work. This reduces the chance of any mid-job surprises, and allows us to provide our customers a comprehensive analysis of the current condition of their ductwork pre-clean.


Our team is remarkably knowledgeable in addition to mindful. We take satisfaction in a job well done, and it shows in our work. Our clients consistently say that that they're getting the greatest air vent cleaning in Chicago at a price they can afford.


There are some unethical companies who are giving air duct cleaning companies a bad name. These people will quote an unbelievable price, do the job, then demand more than they quoted. We cannot stand such awful business protocols! We are an honest-to-goodness, family-owned firm that provides reliable out-the-door quotes with every project. No surprises, no funny business. Just excellent duct cleaning in Chicago.



When to Request Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago IL

We typically suggest that your air ducts be cleansed every 3-5 years minimally, though some owners discover that their ducting fills up quicker than that and needs cleaning even more regularly. This may be the case if:

  • If an occupant in the home has allergies or respiratory health problems

  • There are pets in the home

  • The home is older

  • An occupant in the home is a smoker

Each home is different, yet there are some obvious signs that it's time for air ducts to be cleaned, including:

You can see dirt in your ducts or around vents

You observe a lot more dust than normal on your house's surface areas

You or someone in your residence has in increase in allergic reactions or breathing problems


If you think that your air ducts require cleaning, you're most likely right! Don’t wait till they are so packed with buildup that you're experiencing problems! Ducts that are left unclean are the reason for many negative issues, such as dust build-up, odors, irritants, mold, mildew, dander, and pollen. Call the pros at All Pro Air Duct Cleaning for a cost-free, no commitment quote!


Additionally, most people understand that HVAC cleaning is a necessary maintenance item, many forget that keeping dryer vents clean is also critical!  Dryer vent cleaning provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Decreasing clothes drying times

  • Lengthening the life of garments and your dryer

  • Minimizing energy costs

  • Stopping allergen growth

  • Reducing the chance of fires

  • Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning

Dryer duct cleaning in Chicago is best left to us, the best dryer vent cleaner in Chicago! Leave it to All Pro to get your dryer vent as clean as possible.



When to Request Commercial Duct Cleaning in Chicago

Similar to domestic residences, commercial HVAC systems need cleaning at every 3-5 years at most. Though indications of accumulation in the HVAC system could be harder to determine in commercial ductwork, opening an air vent or duct will definitely show you if it's time for service. Typically, building occupants will certainly begin struggling with breath issues, which is an extra sign that cleaning is needing to be done.


In certain buildings where cleaning protocols are extra stringent, such as medical centers or pharmaceutical buildings, cleaning will absolutely need to be done a lot more frequently to maintain compliance with regulation. Our company prepares is able to take on any type of commercial air duct cleaning in Chicago IL.

HVAC Repair in Chicago

In addition to unsurpassed vent cleaning in Chicago, we also offer HVAC repair in Chicago IL to help get heating and cooling systems back up and running when they're experiencing issues. Our air conditioner repair in Chicagofurnace repair in Chicago and other HVAC repair services are available seven days per week! We highly suggest scheduling regular HVAC inspections and maintenance to ensure your system stays running smoothly year-round.

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air duct cleaning chicago il
air duct cleaning chicago
dryer vent cleaning chicago il
dryer vent cleaner chicago il
air vent cleaning chicago
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Frequently asked Questions

What is duct cleaning?
It's the cleaning of the different parts of an HVAC system to eliminate dust as well as numerous other impurities.

How much does air duct cleaning cost usually?
Air duct cleaning cost in Chicago can differ substantially depending on the size of a house, yet normally varies in between a few hundred to $750.

Commercial cleaning is generally billed by the hour.

Why is air duct cleaning needed?

  • It leaves aa cleaner environment to live or work in

  • It improves air high quality.

  • It does removes dander, toxic substances, allergens, as well as various other pollutants that are harmful to lungs.

  • It gets rid of bad odors.

  • It increases the efficiency of the HVAC system.

How does air duct cleaning work?
Brushes knock build-up in the air ducts loose, which is then vacuumed up by a special duct vacuum.

Will duct cleaning eliminate mold and mildew?
Eliminating mold will require additional work beyond just duct cleaning, considering that mold and mildew are the byproducts of wetness concerns. If moisture is present in your ducts, you likely have a leak in the HVAC system, which will certainly need a repair service first. From there, a mold elimination expert will certainly need to be called to eliminate the mold and also mold.

Will duct cleaning relieve allergies?
Regular air duct cleaning is one of the most reliable ways to decrease as well as remove irritants in a home.

Rely on the best air duct cleaning company in Chicago to keep your ducts clean and your home healthy! Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

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