Why is it important?
NADCA is an acronym for the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. 
NADCA regulates the air duct cleaning industry by providing strict guidelines on the process and noting all portions that need to be included for a correct air duct cleaning.
By requiring each member pass a rigorous test and that he or she must re-certify each year, NADCA keeps technicians ahead in the industry. They ensure that all members have not only an intimate knowledge of different systems, but also on the process and how it is done thoroughly.
Check out NADCA.com to find our company, as well read into their advice on:
          Why consumers clean their air ducts?
          Why is it crucial to choose a NADCA member to perform your service?
          What are certified cleaning methods?
          How much should this service cost and how long should the service take?
          What are the red flags indicating scams in the industry and how do I avoid them?

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