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5 Duct Cleaning Myths Debunked

Air duct cleaning is a great way to keep your HVAC system running well and keep family breathing easier. Unfortunately, there are many air duct cleaning myths that can make some homeowners scared of this important service. Here we debunk five of the most common myths we hear in the industry:

Myth 1: Air Ducts Don’t Get Dirty

A lot of people have heard that air ducts don’t really get dirty; that it’s just a way for an HVAC or duct cleaning company to scam you out of cash. This just isn’t true. Not only do ducts get dirt, dander, dust, and pollen built up inside, some homeowners also have pests like insects and rodents set up homes in their ducts. While you do not need to have your ducts cleaned every few months, it’s a good idea to have your ducts inspected yearly (along with the rest of your HVAC system) to determine if there are any issues and when they need to be cleaned.

Myth 2: Duct Cleaning Uses Harsh Chemicals

Some homeowners are concerned that their family will be exposed to dangerous chemicals during duct cleaning. Fortunately, harsh chemicals aren’t a necessity to clean ducts, and most companies even have non-chemical alternatives that are just as effective.

Myth 3: Only Certain Systems Need Duct Cleaning

Another common myth is that your air ducts only need to be cleaned if the a/c system has a dehumidifier as it may cause bacteria or mold growth. Excess moisture does indeed make it easier for these things to grow, but all a/c units have a drip tray to catch the water that comes from air condensing over the coils. Water in the drip tray can occasionally back up, enter the ducts and allow mold and bacteria to grow; this problem is not just in systems with dehumidifiers.

Myth 4: Ducts Only Get Dirty with AC Running

Forced air systems move air through ducts when either the furnace or a/c is running, which means that the air will get dirty, even if the a/c is never used. Any ducts used for ventilation or heat will eventually get dirty and require periodic cleaning.

Myth 5: Air Ducts Don’t Affect Health

Nobody would argue that dirty air outside has no impact on our health, which is why it’s odd that so many people resist the idea that the air inside their home can be harmful to their health, as well. Unfortunately, even with air filters, your home is susceptible to collecting pollen, dirt, and other allergens in your ducts. In addition, mold and bacteria can grow in the ducts, causing serious issues. These particles in the ducts contribute to poor indoor air quality and, if not cleaned, may lead to breathing trouble, headaches, fatigue, and other conditions.

Schedule Duct Cleaning – All Pro Air Duct Cleaning

Believing false duct cleaning myths can put your health at risk. Look for clues that your ducts need cleaning and call the professionals at All Pro. Professional air duct cleaning will address all the above issues and make your indoor air smell and safe again. Contact All Pro for a thorough duct cleaning in Aurora IL and you’ll likely be shocked by the amount of dust, dirt and contamination that is removed.


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