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Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

It's heating up outside, and your air conditioning system has likely clicked into high gear! Similar to your automobile or any large home appliance, your home's cooling system will perform better with routine maintenance, and air duct cleaning is a critical service to consider to guarantee the longevity of your entire A/C system.

Despite regularly replacing filters, your house's HVAC system gets dirty with regular daily use, and regrettably, your ducts are an ideal hiding place for dust, dirt, and irritants to build up. That dust and dirt is filled with contaminants and air toxins that don't just bring down your indoor air quality, but can also force your system to work harder. This not only increases your energy expenses, but it can also considerably reduce the lifespan of your system.

Here are five common signs your ducts are needing a cleaning:

1) Mold

While all of us understand how dust can negatively impact our health, mold is an entirely different ballgame! Not only can it exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues, but it can likewise spread quickly throughout your home.

Your HVAC system can cause condensation to form, causing the development of mold in your ductwork (especially if you live in a humid climate). You may identify mold around your vent covers, but sadly, many elements of your HVAC aren't easily visible, so mold in your air ducts is particularly tough to detect visually. Nevertheless, while mold can be tough to see, it normally emerges in the form of a musty odor.

If you do have mold in your air ducts, it is very important to do something about it asap to preserve your home's indoor air quality. A duct cleaning professional like All Pro has the ability to identify and remediate any mold problems, and likewise help to prevent their return. In addition to duct cleaning, you must likewise take extra precautions against excess moisture in your home. You can do so by setting up a whole-home dehumidifier or by optimizing settings on your thermostat. Remember that if the conditions triggering the mold development in the first place are not remedied, mold growth will recur.

2) Dust

Is your home dusty, no matter how frequently you clean? While dusting isn't a fun task, it's something all of us need to do from time to time. If you see that every flat surface area in your house is coated with dust almost right away after you've put away your cleaning products, you probably need to have your ducts cleaned!

Even the cleanest houses can have dirt, dust, pet dander, and all sorts of harmful pollutants sticking around in the air ducts. You may even discover dust coming out of the vents whenever the HVAC system kicks on! Take a look at the air supply and return vents around your house. Are they noticeably dirty or dusty? If so, thoroughly remove a vent cover and/or filter and take a look into the ductwork. Is the metal covered in dust? If you see dust and dirt both inside and outside, particularly by the vents that blow cool air out, your ducts most likely need to be cleaned by a pro.

To prevent future dust buildup, make sure you're replacing your HVAC system air filters frequently. You can also run an air purifier. Both filters and air purifiers work with your A/C system to trap a variety of air-borne particles like dust, dander, and germs before they enter the ductwork.

3) Pests

From time to time, mice, squirrels, and pests can make their way into your air ducts. Naturally, these vermin leave behind all sorts of germs. When rodents discover their way into your ductwork, they make nests and leave droppings behind, sending tiny fecal spores swirling through ducts. These spores can then make their way into your house and reduce the quality of the air you breathe.

Unfortunately, rodents like to settle in ductwork, and will chew through areas, or make a home in areas that are tough to reach. Once they set up shop, your home's ducting becomes a personal highway for rodents, as they make their way all around your house. If rodents are in your ductwork, they will leave some telltale signs; not only will you see droppings, you may discover chewed up areas or undesirable smells, all of which indicate an infestation.

Keep in mind that a rodent infestation may require more than just duct cleaning! If you ignore the problem, it might cause major structural damage, not to mention an HVAC system that doesn't work efficiently, leading to higher energy expenses.

3) Construction work or remodeling

Building is unpleasant. Even when professionals are diligent about cleaning up and blocking off work areas to keep the remainder of the property tidy, dust and particles will always find their way throughout the home. Unless the HVAC system is not turned on and kept entirely covered throughout the entire building or construction procedure (which isn't realistic for a lot of homeowners), that dirt and dust will most definitely make its method into your ductwork.

Construction and remodeling dust can consist of some nasty particulate matter that you do not want to be breathing, so it's best to get this issue corrected quickly before breathing issues arise.

5) Increased Energy Expenses

Your heating and cooling expenses should be close to the same from year to year. If you receive a bill that is considerably higher than normal, particularly compared to the same time a year ago, dirty ductwork might be to blame.

Sometimes, ductwork can end up being so filthy that air isn't able to flow easily and effectively through your house's HVAC system. When this occurs, both your heater and ac system are required to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature level. This added energy expense means greater utility expenses for you and your household.

You also might notice that a bathroom, bedroom, or other space in your house does not receive the same level of airflow as other spaces. For the most part, vents that are fully open ought to deliver relatively consistent air flow from room to room. Disparity could be the result of unclean ducts.

It's worth keeping in mind that it isn't always the build-up of particles in your ducts that can cause your system to work harder. Any leakages you have in your ductwork equates to lost energy, reducing the performance and increasing your energy expenses. Working with a duct specialist to clean your ducts won't just get rid of harmful contaminants, but can locate potential leakages.

Need Duct Cleaning in Chicago? Call All Pro Air Duct Cleaning!

Cleaning your house's ducting isn't something you ought to attempt by yourself. It's a complex process that needs an extensive understanding of HVAC systems, as well as specialized tools. Expert duct cleaners utilize commercial-grade vacuum systems and powered brushes to loosen and get rid of dirt and debris from your home's HVAC system. Air duct cleaning professionals are also trained to spot other problems that the typical property owner might not know to search for.

Like many other services the home improvement industry, air duct cleaning is subject to scams. Be wary of air duct cleaning companies that provide uncommonly low quotes or promise a super-quick service. Trust your gut; if an offer sounds too excellent to be real, it most likely is!

When you're ready to take on a duct cleaning project, ensure you pick a NADCA certified specialist like All Pro to make sure the task is done right! We always provide free, out-the-door quotes. Call or message us today to schedule service!

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