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How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Your home’s comfort is significantly affected by your indoor air quality. Contaminants, such as dust, mold, and pollen can cause allergic reactions. Regular air duct cleaning in Aurora IL is a great way to improve the air quality in your home. Here are the signs your ducts need cleaning:

1. Vents are clogged with dust

A clear sign of dirty ducts is the presence of a small puff of dust out of the vents when the HVAC system kicks on. Visible dust bursts are not normal and mean you should schedule duct cleaning asap.

2. Clogged filters

If HVAC filters are consistently needing to be replaced every month or less, this could be an indication of a problem. Filters do need regular replacement every few months, but not quicker than that.

3. Unpleasant odors

Odor is a telltale sign of duct contaminants. Smelling the air near your vents, especially when the HVAC system is running, is an easy way to see if odors are coming from your ducts specifically. Be sure to have your duct cleaning company so they can check for rodents or other issues.

4. Mold and mildew

Dust can have effects on your health, but mold is even worse as it spreads quickly and is dangerous for your lungs. Call a duct cleaning company in Chicago asap and grab a dehumidifier to bring humidity levels down.

5. Poor airflow

Inconsistent airflow around your home is an easy sign of blockages in the ducts or other duct issues. A duct cleaning company who’s also an HVAC tech, like All Pro, can help!

air duct cleaning Aurora IL

6. Infestation in your air ducts

Pest infestations in your home is a sign that you should clean your ducts. Pest dander, droppings, bacteria, and viruses can cause serious health problems and are easily spread around the house and into the air through the ducts.

7. Dusty surfaces

Nobody likes dusting, but if you find dust settling on your surfaces shortly after cleaning them, you likely need air duct cleaning. This means a significant amount of dust is being pushed out od the ductwork into the air.

8. Your heating or cooling costs are high

Your heating and cooling costs should be predictable every year. If you notice these bills are higher than normal, your ducts may be to blame. Ducts filled with dust make the HVAC system work harder and longer to push air through.

9. Strange duct noises

You likely know how the HVAC system sounds when operational and it shouldn’t be making a lot of noise. If you start hearing odd sounds, it could be a sign that your ducts need attention.

10. No records about prior air duct cleaning

If you don’t know when the ducts were last cleaned, especially if you purchase a home previously owned by someone else, it’s a good idea to get your ducts cleaned.

11. New construction

Construction is undoubtedly messy. Even tidy contractors cannot stop all construction contamination from getting into duct work. If you have a new construction home or recently underwent renovations, schedule a duct cleaning.

Ready to schedule your next duct cleaning in Evanston IL? Give us a call for a free no-obligation quote!


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